Does Pandora Mock Me?

I’m sitting brutally alone in a business class lounge, preparing for two long flights, and I’m by far the most awkward not-quite-first class duckling to walk these moderately well decked halls. In proof, who else would find herself strangling a full water bottle so that it splashes the fridge below and soaks the linens above. I tried to be discreet after bathing the credenza.

In my shame, I’m seeking refuge in my friendly electronic medium, and I’m wired up like a Superman villain (3 I think), with my laptop charging, my iPhone charging and my earphones in so I don’t scream at the gentle lounge music.

I turn on Pandora for a touch of distraction and voila, Nina Simone sings “every time we say goodbye” which is the saddest parting song I know of–compound this with the patented mournful Nina effects: Voila (again): A pity party in the corner by the door until they denounce me to the classy authorities.

The WordPress Labyrinth

I really wanted to nap this afternoon after work because I wanted to be well rested before eating a veritable mountain of sushi. But no napping for (un)Reasonable Girl. Instead, I spent an hour and a half installing Filezilla, reading back up documentation on setting up my FTP protocol, and finally mastering the proper way to install certain WordPress plugins. This opens me up to a veritable world of plugin possibilities. Theoretically, from now on, I can customize my site up and down the Wazoo. (Meet me at the Wazoo spawning grounds, in the lobby of the WordPress plugin labyrinth.) It also reminded me that I haven’t read the documentation for either my web host or WordPress. It is, dear reader, as if I am in denial about my new technical responsibilities, and they are legion! Anyway, wish me luck. I have every intention of adding an email notification function for new blog posts in the near future. Never in my wildest dreams did I suppose I would one day become a webmaster. Any other features you like on other blogs that you’d like to see me implement? Comment away, dear readers, I’m all ears. and fingers. and sushi.