Some Elegant Grays

I wanted to throw in a few elegant gray paris pics into the mix.

Some Places Are People

Arena and Church-Saintes

We took more than 2000 pictures in our short 9 day stint in France. When I went to put together a small album, 53 pictures total, a subset of the images we had collected, I ended up largely with pictures of people I love. I had some beautiful architecture or surprising scenery in there, but largely, it was people who populated my memory and my heart most strongly. So when I think about France, I tend to think about it in the abstract. I think about long meals. I think about the quality of the light. I think about Paris’ cool gray elegance. I think about the Seine and all its bridges and views, but when I want to remember France, I look into people’s faces and my heart is at home again.


Paris, Other Eyes

View from sixth floor of Beaubourg, Pompidou Center, Paris

Modern Art

So I went to Paris with my honey, which I understand you are supposed to do, and we toured the bestselling sights, which I suppose was my duty, and it turned out to be a delight, because it forced me to look again, spectate afresh, at what I already thought I knew. So my lesson learned is always travel to loved places with friends, because companions provide invisible diamond glasses–everything you look upon is more beautiful, more complex, and more rainbow colored in the company of a friend, even when it rains.

Not Quite Here, Not Quite in Paris Either

I’m flying out, friends, soon. My mind is already traveling while my body dutifully reports for my shift at work. My mind’s teeth are slowly biting into the most intensely chocolate frosting of all the frostings found on top of chocolate éclairs in Paris, while my tongue feels the pliant flesh of the puff pastry and the creamy filling seeping out slowly into my mouth. That first bite. I’ve already left the country for that first bite.