My Favorite Posts (so far)

A page with links to select (favorite) posts in case you wanted quick highlights.

About Travel:
Journeys: On the parallels between parenthood, traveling and storytelling.
Philadelphia V. New York: Why I love Philadelphia.
Delhi-riffic: Impressions after a few hours in Delhi.
Frenchness without a plane: On being a french speaker in Montreal.
Tropical, Political Clothing: On being a western woman in Kolkata.

About Identity:
Aikido: On the uses of interpersonal energies.
Sports and Love: On my misadventures learning how to whitewater kayak.
Salmon: About growing older and returning to old playgrounds.
Imagined Universes and the Christmas Letter: My relationship to multiple universes and imaginary things, and why single girls can’t send out Christmas letters.
Mind blowing homework: How studying social work is totally rewriting my identity.
Reasonable Girl Is Born: My super hero alter ego is given a name.
Writing’s other face: Submitting: Where I compare writers to flashers.

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