Some Places Are People

Arena and Church-Saintes

We took more than 2000 pictures in our short 9 day stint in France. When I went to put together a small album, 53 pictures total, a subset of the images we had collected, I ended up largely with pictures of people I love. I had some beautiful architecture or surprising scenery in there, but largely, it was people who populated my memory and my heart most strongly. So when I think about France, I tend to think about it in the abstract. I think about long meals. I think about the quality of the light. I think about Paris’ cool gray elegance. I think about the Seine and all its bridges and views, but when I want to remember France, I look into people’s faces and my heart is at home again.


One thought on “Some Places Are People

  1. I totally agree, places are people! When I think about my trip to Iceland last summer I of course remember the amazing scenery, but what first comes to mind every time is Tim. I see that trip in my mind’s eye as a montage of us and the scenery is just an awesome background. Iceland will always feel like the Place Of Us to me.

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