Spring & Van Gogh

I find myself invigorated this month, at least since I’ve finished my last two class projects. I’m enjoying the mild, mostly rainless April weather with all its premature flowering activity. The mix of colorful buds weighing down tree branches, and the tender pale green of the newly unfurling leaves, make me want to skip about on the cracked pavements of West Philadelphia.

In addition, I had an invigorating meeting of minds with Van Gogh this weekend, as I got to see the Van Gogh Up Close Exhibit at the PMA. I had not seen so many of his landscapes before and I really enjoyed the swirling colors, the amazing movement in his canvases—the thick pain breathed so much dynamic excitement, sometimes joy, sometimes fear and loathing, but always alive. Van Gogh. His mauve flecked dancing hay stacks made my day.

One thought on “Spring & Van Gogh

  1. Dear Sylvie, Enjoy your vacation/break, away from studies. After living in The Hague for almost four years (and one block away from the atelier where VanGogh’s brother (Theo) tried to sell Vincent’s work), I too appreciate VanGogh. Remember we old hippies appreciated VanGogh all these years ago, especially Starry, Starry Night (the song and the painting). Ah, the memories that I will not go into detail about. Rebecca finished high school in The Hague that made for a very pleasant post in our Foreign Service lifestyle. We love The Netherlands and we watch for any news concerning that beautiful country. We haven’t see you since Rebecca and Ken’s wedding, almost six years ago. Glad we’re friends on Facebook, so that I can learn about what you’re doing. Love to you, Dotsky (my old nickname from my university days) Clear

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