A week’s worth of procrastination, it turns out, can have a blessed effect on my productivity. Witness my ability to crank out a paper in four 40 minute chunks over three days—that’s the direct result of serious resentment and goofing off last week. I gave myself time off–I thought it was just because I was lazy, angry, and unmotivated, but in fact, it was catharsis–I didn’t even know there could be a turnaround in my mindset, but yes, after my week in revolt, I was able to move beyond my dangerously bad attitude. It’s nice knowing that sometimes waiting and distracting yourself and being inactive and unproductive can have great results. Magical goofing off.

One thought on “Refreshed!

  1. Spoke too soon. Six hours of paper writing later, I’m bushed and juice-less. There’s so much more to do. I think the trick of adulthood is coming to terms with your own limits and enjoying what you are able to do as much as possible.

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