One page a day/the language of writing

Carol Shields, who is one of my favorite authors, wrote her first book by writing one page a day for a year. It sounds so easy. It’s so hard to do.
I’m finding myself consumed by the need to get homework done, and so I probably need to find a new strategy to get creative writing done. Some sort of hard uncompromising commitment–a pact with myself. I’m pretty sure blogging doesn’t count though I find it incredibly gratifying, like doing language homework and learning new vocabulary and finally being able to say something provocative in Italian (which I can’t do). Saying provocative things is great, but it would be even greater if I were mastering the whole language of writing. I guess that’s the operating metaphor. I need to get serious again about practicing the whole language of writing, which of course includes writing. (Not online, but offline, faced with the blank page and no quick exits to browse my site stats.) I have this idea that I’m going to put together a week’s calendar and figure out what i’m doing with each hour. I could do the exercise, but it would be tragic because i would make a mockery of my suggested time map. Oy.

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