A Bald Plea for Email Subscribers to my Blog


Dear Readers,

Time for simple begging has come, and I am before you, on my metaphorical knees, asking you to please subscribe, with the humble promise of more interesting blog posts in the near (possibly very near) future.

Among other things, I want to test out my website’s ability to manage subscribers and its ability to send out notifications of new posts. You, brave you, help me out?

One stark reality from my second Social Work class ever–there were about 20 women and one male student. One dude (charming as he is). That’s what the hyper steeped in estrogen future of therapy looks like. Also, in chatting with a friend who is more ambitious than I, I realized how far I’ve come, baby: Reasonable Girl is in full force. I’m all about right-sizing my commitments and my expectations these days. My commitment is to be a decent student and my expectation is stay in touch with those I love as my life gets progressively busier. That’s it. Sounds simple we’ll see what twisty plot developments occur in the future.

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