Reasonable Girl Is Born

Last night was our last night in Montreal. We were at bar with awesome live music–watching by far the most enthusiastic rock organ player ever. The bar wouldn’t close until 3am. My instinct was to enjoy the band for an hour, get a feel for the place and the music, but get home early-ish. I wanted a good night’s sleep so we weren’t miserable on our long trip home.

I only need a taste of things. I am much happier going out every night for a few hours and getting a good night’s sleep than I am staying up all night and being shattered and off kilter for the next 24 hours. Quality of life and sustainability are my key concerns.

Lovely boyfriend likes to splurge and have adventures. Last night, our tendencies had a slight clash. We both made concessions. However, it has become apparent that my superhero alter ego is “Reasonable Girl.” And thus I have a new nickname.

(It’s fun to identify and name a mode of being that has been operational for a long while now. I’d guess five or more years.)

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