What next?

Last night I went through a major rite of passage. I sent my first full manuscript (a memoir) to a handful of friends for their loving and brutal critique. Lucky for them, it’s a short manuscript. Only 160 pages (which will be about 120 pages when typeset.) I’ve given them a month to read (and me a month to rest, or to wrestle with other projects of a non-confessional nature.)

Now I’m home, with my manuscript out in the world, wondering what to do with myself. Ta-da! Start a new blog. Yes!

For better, or worse, I have many options and many unfinished projects I could tackle. I’m almost tempted to put a vote button (if only I knew how to do such things!) down below and ask for a popular vote.

I have three options for my next project:

  1. Try to take my novella about Rapunzel and make it into a novel.
  2. Try to work on my short story collection.
  3. Try to work on my fairy tale collection.

(secret option #4, try to work on my devil story and make that into a novel.)

I’m not sure which project is calling to me at this time.

The screams that I hear loudest are those of my impending graduate coursework.  I definitely can’t get away from those responsibilities.

So I guess the big question will be, come September, will I still write?


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