Just like Inigo Montoya: I hate waiting

One of the horrible aspects of writing is how much waiting it requires.

I hate waiting. just like Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride movie.

Things you have to wait for when you’re a writer:


  1. Ideas (a spark of a notion that makes you want to write)
  2. Ideas about your ideas (plots, characters, scenes)
  3. Clarity on the piece’s structure
  4. Figuring out your beginning and your ending
  5. Your friends and allies to tell you what they think of your miserly draft
  6. For the energy to go through another round of revisions
  7. For answers (likely rejections) to your submissions to publishing bodies
  8. For prospective agents to reply to your query letter
  9. For prospective agents to reply to your manuscript
  10. For prospective publishers to reply to your agent’s manuscript submissions


Phew. I’m on step 5 and I’m already in agony. Who knows what will happen next.

One thought on “Just like Inigo Montoya: I hate waiting

  1. I agree with all of these. Except I haven’t tried publishing my stories yet, because well, they’re not all quite finished. That’s another thing I have trouble with– actually figuring out HOW to finish it. But so far, the story I’ve been writing is going in a faithfully brilliant direction. I hope yours are too!! 🙂

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